What Parents Must Know About Musical.ly

If you think that there can be no more innovative social media apps, then you can be wrong. After seeing the likes of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and many more, we have Musical.ly; which is a very unique and different social media app. This guide is for parents and what they must know about Musical.ly.

What Parents must know about Musical.ly is paramount in keeping their kids safe from harm. Kids can be exposed to some really nasty content on the app that can affect them mentally. So here is a guide for the parents on what they need to know about the Musical.ly App and social media platform.

We shall tell you about the app first and what it is, and then we’ll move on to what it holds for the kids. There are some very grave things that parents have to take care of before they let their kids use this app.

What parents must know about Musical.ly

Things to know about Musical.ly

Musical.ly is a relatively new social networking site and was released in 2014. It quickly started to flock users and it currently has around 100 million users and the number is growing with each passing day. This app allows users to create videos by lip-syncing to popular music tracks and share them. Users can create 15 seconds to 1 minute long videos with a music track along with it.

Musical.ly users or Musers, can follow other users of the app and also celebrities to see their videos. Now, while the app is mostly fun for people, parents should keep some things in mind. First of all, the app is PG-13. So, the company won’t be responsible for anything and only the parents will be responsible for their kids.

It is very easy to create a profile on the Musical.ly App even if someone doesn’t meet the age requirements. Kids these days are smart and know how to operate a smartphone very easily. Moreover, even pre-teens can easily create an account by using only their phone number or email. All users can post anything they like and kids can get exposure to inappropriate content.

Moreover, there are songs that have explicit content on Musical.ly which aren’t suitable for kids under 18. Parents should monitor what their kids are doing or posting on the app. The app also has a function to filter or to remove any content that might seem inappropriate to the kids. Kids can also meet strangers that may have a negative effect on kids.

One way to weed out the negative effects of the app is to block any and all users that seem suspicious. You can easily report content or users and the app will take them down if they are unsuitable. The privacy settings also enable users to control who can follow or message them. Their account can also be made private in order to prevent strangers from contacting them.

Summing this up, we can say that parents have to watch out for what their child does on this app. Like everything, Musical.ly can also be a bad influence and this guide will help you prevent that. If you would like to know more about what Parents must know about Musical.ly, then get in touch with us at MusicallyLogin.